Bathurst’s “New” Carillon

Another manually playable carillon will soon be added to world list once work at Bathurst is complete. Originally installed by Taylor’s in 1933 as a World War I memorial the 35 bell instrument was played automatically using a pneumatic system with perforated paper rolls like a pianola.

Last year Taylor’s was commissioned to carry out a major restoration of the instrument. The smallest 13 bells were retired and new more powerful bells cast to replace them. A further 12 bells were added to produce a 4 chromatic octave concert carillon. At the same time new electro-magnetic hammers were fitted and a programmable playing unit for automatic performance. A new piano keyboard was also provided for individual performances.

In readiness for the carillons completion as a traditional manual instrument, and to train new carillonneurs, a new traditional practice baton clavier was supplied.

All of the equipment to complete the instrument has now been shipped to Australia, and will be installed over the next month or so.

Photo: Bathurst’s War Memorial Carillon Tower.