Hidden Treasure!

More emergency repair works are to be carried out on parts of the Foundry, including the tuning shop office which no one has ventured into for a number of years – this office is to have a new roof and new valley guttering before being converted into our relocated hand bell department. Before any work starts a massive clear out was needed to allow proper access (so much junk had been stored there it was impossible to walk around) and to assess anything of historic importance.

We knew of the many sets of old tuning forks and their sounding boxes, and the vast array of abandoned computers and electrical equipment,  but were amazed to come across a chest full of old drawings. Examination shows that they are all the original profiles of bells from the 1896 era when the harmonic tuning of bells was perfected by Taylor’s. What a find! All will now be cleaned and conserved and become a valuable part of the Taylor Archive.

Photo: George Dawson, Taylor’s Archivist, with his newly discovered treasure.