St Patrick's Parish Church

Bampton, Cumbria

United Kingdom

An order has been placed to cast a new ring of six bells, with a tenor bell weighing 5 cwts for this church. All new ringing fittings will be manufactured, together with a new galvanised steel bell frame which will be sited lower in the tower. The existing unringable five and their hardwood bell frame will be left in situ, with bell wheels and other fittings removed, and the bells and frame will be conserved. New access ladders will be manufactured and installed, together with a new belfry floor under the new ring.


  • This new ring of six has been cast. The new bell frame has been galvanised. The new ringing chamber ceiling has been installed, and the cutting of pockets in the tower walls to receive the new bellframe has been completed. Installation nearing completion.

  • A new ring of six bells with tenor bell weighing 5 cwts has been cast and installed at this church. The new ring replaces an existing unringable five, which, after conservation work will be left in situ, with some of their ringing fittings removed. All new ringing fittings were manufactured for the new ring, and a new bell frame of galvanised steel was constructed and installed beneath the existing ring of bells. Access ladders and a new belfry floor were also manufactured and installed to complete the work.