Barham, Suffolk.

St Mary's Parish Church.

United Kingdom

The PCC of this church has placed an order for a major restoration and augmentation to be undertaken on their unringable ancient 12 cwt four – the bells date between 1587 & 1702. The bells will be removed from the tower and brought to Loughborough where conservation work on them will be undertaken. It is thought that bells 2 & 4 might be cracked, and, if so, these will be repaired by specialist bronze welding. The bells will be tuned to bring them into a major scale and two new treble bells will be cast to augment the ring to six. All new fittings will be manufactured, and a new galvanised steel bell frame will be designed and built. A new ringing chamber ceiling will be installed to enable ringing to take place from the ground floor.


  • The bells have been removed and are now at Loughborough.
    The first of the new treble bells has been cast and awaits fettling.
    The other treble has been moulded and will be cast shortly.