St Andrew's Parish Church

Biggleswade, Bedfordshire

United Kingdom

Work to restore and augment this 1912 G & J ring to ten has now been completed and the bells are now ringing once again. New retractable lifting beams were manufactured and installed so that the bells could be removed via the south louvre opening. The bells and their fittings were brought to Loughborough in a very dirty and greasy state. The cast iron headstocks and the bells were cleaned by gentle sandblasting and came up like new. The partial tones of the bells were corrected as far as possible, and since the tenor bell could not be tuned well it was recast. Two new treble bells were cast to G & J profiles, and matching fittings were manufactured for these. The existing headstocks had new gudgeons and bearings fitted, and the other fittings for the back eight bells were fully restored.

While the bells were at the Foundry the bellframe was partially dismantled and redesigned to accommodate all ten bells. New matching cast iron “H” frames were cast in our foundry and fitted as part of the installation. The bell frame was then thoroughly cleaned and repainted while empty. The restored bells and fittings were returned and rehung, and make a very good light ten.

This project has been completed with the fitting of sound control at the louvres, and new access ladders within the tower. A dumb bell for training purposes will be manufactured and installed.