Combs, Suffolk.

St Mary's Parish Church.

United Kingdom

An ambitious scheme is to be undertaken at this church, and stage 1 has now been ordered. The tower houses an 18 cwt unringable four dating between 1478 & 1662 that hang in an oak bell frame dating from circa 1600. The bells are to be removed from the tower and conserved at Loughborough where new hardwood dead stocks will be manufactured for them before they are rehung in the existing bell frame. New electro-magnetic hammers will be manufactured and installed once the bells are rehung.

Phase 2 of the scheme will be undertaken once funds allow. The involves the rehanging of the 18 cwt eight that formerly hung in the tower at Hunslet, Leeds, together with two new trebles to augment them to a ring of ten. The existing Taylor fittings from 1939 will be refurbished and reused and new fittings manufactured for the new treble bells. A new bell frame will be manufactured and sited lower in the tower.