Costessey, Norfolk

St Edmund King & Martyr

United Kingdom

This ancient 11 cwt ring of five dating from 1525 & 1656 is to be removed from the tower for a full restoration. The existing cast iron frame, which is the work of S G Soame and dates from 1905, is to be retained. New fittings will be manufactured for bells 1, 3, 4, & 5, and the present modern 2nd bell fittings are to be restored and reused. No tuning of the bells is allowed, but conservation work to them, including the drilling out of their iron crown staples, will be carried out before they are rehung.


  • This ring of bells has been removed from the tower and is at Loughborough. Conservation work on them has been completed and the cast-in iron crown staples have been removed from the bell heads. The insides of the crowns of the bells has been machined to seat the new crown staples accurately.