The Parish Church

East Keswick, West Yorkshire

United Kingdom

The Taylor chime of three bells at this church will be taken down and brought back to the Foundry for sand blasting. New bell pads and bell bolts will be manufactured, and their clappers, crown staples, return springs and bushes will be restored before the bells are rehung.


  • These bells are at Loughborough and have now being cleaned by gentle sandblasting prior to restoration work beginning.

  • The 1933 Taylor chime of three at this church have been restored and rehung in their turret. The bells, their framework and fittings, were removed from their turret to allow stonework repairs to be undertaken. A new galvanised steel frame was manufactured and installed and the bells were cleaned by sandblasting. New bell pads were manufactured and fitted, and the clappers, crownstaples, bushes and return strings were restored before the bells were rehung for chiming.