Exeter, Devon

The Cathedral Church of St Peter

United Kingdom

Major maintenance work will be undertaken on this 72 cwt twelve, which also has two semi-tone bells. Extra strengthening will be manufactured and fitted under the pits of the 9th and tenor bells to make the frame more rigid. The “button tops” of the two treble bells will be removed and new seating pads will be cast on their crowns before these two bells are rehung. The clappers and crown staples of the six largest bells will be replaced with timber shafted clappers, and the clappers of the other eight bells will be refurbished. The rope roller boxes will be fully restored with either new or re-shaped hardwood rollers turning on ball races. Fixed access walkways will be manufactured and installed above the bell frame to allow the largest bell clappers to be flipped, and a security grillage will also be installed to protect access to the bells. The entire bell frame will be cleaned down and will be repainted. A lockable rope spider will be manufactured and installed to complete the project.


  • Work nears completion. The two treble bells have been at Loughborough where their "button tops" have been removed and they have been re-balanced. New galvanised steel work has been designed, manufactured and fitted beneath the tenor pit to further strengthen and stiffen the bell frame. The bell frame has been stripped down and painting is underway.