The Cathedral of St Francis Xavier

Geraldton, Western Australia


An automatic carillion of twenty seven bells is to be installed at this cathedral, with bells being installed in both western towers. The 24 cwt eight from Godalming has been purchased and will be tuned down to form the lower tones and semi-tones, and nineteen new bells will be cast to complete the carillon. Electro-magnetic hammers will sound the bells, activated by a programmable Apollo Unit. Three of the largest bells (bells 1, 3 & 5) will be also hung for slow swinging to complete the project.


  • Bass bell tuned and the first of the new bells for this carillon were cast on Monday 4th September to coincide with a visit to Loughborough by the Bishop of Geraldton. Provisional casting dates for the remaining fifteen bells as follows:- 14th & 23rd December 2017, 1st & 15th February, & 1st March 2018.

  • Fifteen of the new bells have now been cast and the remaining four bells' moulds are being prepared for casting. Tuning is underway.