Christ Church

Healey, Rochdale, Lancashire

United Kingdom

The 15 cwt six at this church were cast and hung by Taylors, the tenor in 1851, the front five in 1870. All the bells were rehung in the existing bell frame in the first quarter of the 20th century by Mears & Stainbank. A full restoration has now been completed. The bell frame was removed and a new galvanised steel bell frame of “H” design was manufactured and installed. The cast iron headstocks had their gudgeons drilled out and new gudgeons and bearings fitted. The bell wheel centres were restored and new soling and shrouding provided. The clappers and crown staples were restored, and new rope rollers, sliders, stays and bell ropes were manufactured before the bells were rehung. A new sound insulating ringingchamber ceiling/bell chamber floor was installed to complete the project.