St Michael's Parish Church

Kirkham, Lancashire

United Kingdom

The PCC of this church has placed an order for a major restoration project to be undertaken. The existing 1846 Charles Mears eight (tenor 20 cwts) will be removed from the tower, together with its bell frame and all fittings. A new ring of ten bells (tenor 17 cwts) will be created using the largest four bells from the redundant chime at Porth, Glamorganshire (Taylors 1935), and casting six new treble bells to match these. A new cast iron and galvanised steel bell frame will be manufactured, together with all new bell fittings, and the new ring will then be hung for ringing.


  • The bells were dispatched for a Service of Dedication on Sunday 5th November. Installation in the tower nears completion.

  • The Charles Mears 1846 eight from this church were removed and a new 17 cwt ring of ten has been installed. The largest four bells were purchased from Porth. Glamorganshire where they were redundant, and were cast by Taylor's in 1935. Six new matching treble bells were cast to match these. All new ringing fittings were manufactured, together with a new cast iron and steel bell frame. A new ringing chamber ceiling was installed to complete the work.