Lytchett Matravers, Dorset

The Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin

United Kingdom

This 7 cwt ring of six were last rehung by Mears & Stainbank in 1931, when a new cast iron and steel bell frame was installed. The bells will be removed from the tower and brought back to Loughborough. The wheel centres will be refashioned and new soling and shrouding will complete their restoration. All other new ringing fittings will be manufactured before the bells are rehung.

Photo: Jack Pease.


  • This ring of six has been conserved and their cast-in crown staples have been removed. No cleaning or tuning is allowed, but new headstock seating pads have been cast on the crowns of the bells, and the bells have been machined in their crowns to allow the clappers accurate seating.
    The hew headstocks have been fitted and the bells have been on the ringing up stand to check the timing of their striking.
    The bell wheel centres have been restored and new soling and shrouding has been fitted.
    The hanging of the bells is underway.