St Peter's Parish Church

Lytham, Lancashire

United Kingdom

Major maintenance work has been completed to improve this Victorian 10 cwt ring of six. Four of the bells have been lifted and rotated in their pits to create a better ringing circle. New rope roller boxes, sliders and runner boards have been manufactured and installed, together with a new rope guide. The ringing chamber has been relocated from the ground floor to first floor level.


  • Further maintenance work to this 10 cwt Mears & Stainbank six has been completed. The installation dates from 1878 & 1894 and work by Taylors to the bell frame, clappers and rope rollers in 2014 & 2016 brought the ring back into use. The tenor & 5th bells headstocks have now been removed and fitted with new plate gudgeons and bearings and those bells rehung.

  • Various maintenance work has been undertaken in recent years to keep this Mears & Stainbank 1894 installation in a ringable condition. The two treble headstocks have now been fitted with new plate gudgeons and ball bearings at Loughborough and these two bells have now been rehung.