St Oswald's Parish Church

Malpas, Cheshire

United Kingdom

The local ringers lowered the third and fourth bells into their respective pits and delivered their headstocks to Loughborough. New gudgeons and bearings were fitted, and the headstocks have now been returned to Malpas for rehanging by the volunteers.


  • Major maintenance work has been completed on this 15 cwt eight. The last major restoration was undertaken by Taylor's in 1914, with new frame, fittings and four new bells. The headstocks of 1, 2 & 6 were returned to Loughborough for new gudgeons and bearings to be fitted (the other headstocks have been restored in recent years). The bell wheels were also returned to the Foundry for stripping, treating with preservative, and the re-fixing of their soling and shrouding with stainless steel screws. The bell frame was stripped and repainted while the fittings were away.