St Mary the Virgin

Marden, Herefordshire

United Kingdom

A major refurbishment and restoration has been completed on this 12 cwt ring of six. The bells and fittings were stripped out and brought back to Loughborough. The bells were conserved and their cast-in iron staples removed before they were tuned and new seating pads cast on their heads. All new ringing fittings were manufactured and fitted to the bells. The William Greenleaf cast iron bell frame from 1909 was completely cleaned and repainted while the tower was empty, and major work was undertaken to the tower’s floors. The belfry floor structure was repaired, and a new ringing chamber was created at a higher level in the tower, with repairs to the new ringing chamber floor and the insertion of a new ringing chamber ceiling. The old ringing chamber floor was also re-boarded. New hardwood oak belfry louvres were manufactured and fitted to all eight louvre openings, and a new galvanised steel spire access ladder was manufactured and installed, together with a new galvanised steel mesh floor at the base of the spire. The bells were then rehung in the restored tower and should serve well throughout this century and well into the next.

Just to let you know that yesterday we rang the first peal since your splendid rehang at Marden. We were all most impressed by the splendid job you have done.

— Colin Ward