St Mary & All Saints

Nassington, Northamptonshire

United Kingdom

A major restoration and augmentation has been completed to provide this church with a delightful 9 cwt ring of six. Originally a minor five, the bells were rehung in a new cast iron bell frame, on new fittings by Taylors in 1921. The entire installation was removed from the tower and brought back to Loughborough. The 1921 ringing fittings were restored and reused, and the cast iron “H” frame sides were sandblasted and reused in the newly built and extended six bell frame, on a new galvanised steel understructure. A new treble bell was cast and new fittings manufactured for it, and the original 3rd & 4th were recast to put the bells into a major key. The other bells were tuned.

A new weather protecting floor was installed at the base of the spire, and the installation of galvanised steel ladders and walkways will complete the scheme.