St Mary's Parish Church

Pillerton Hersey, Warwickshire

United Kingdom

This unringable three are to be rehung on new fittings for full circle change ringing. The last work on them was carried out by Bond of Burford in 1900, when a new composite bell frame of oak and cast iron was installed. The cast framesides will be re-used when a new foundation grillage of galvanised steel is constructed. Extra framesides will be manufactured to create a five bell frame, and another bell, ex Adlestrop, will be added to augment the ring to four.  A new fifth bell has been purchased from stock to complete the ring of five. The original three bells are to remain untuned, leaving the ring in a minor key.


  • The bells have been cleaned by sand blasting. The new treble & second have been tuned, but the bells will remain in a minor key as no tuning has been permitted to the original three. New bell frame and all fittings have been manufactured. Installation underway.

  • The ancient unringable three from this tower has been augmented to five with the addition of a redundant bell from Adlestrop and a new Taylor bell from stock. The original three bells were in a minor key, and no permission was given to retune them, so the ring remains a minor five. A new galvanised steel bell frame and all new ringing fittings were manufactured and the bells rehung.