St Mary Redcliffe

Redcliffe, Bristol

United Kingdom

A contract has been placed for major maintenance work to be undertaken on this classic Taylor 50 cwt ring of twelve. The bell fittings will be removed and the bells protected to allow the cast iron and steel bell frame, which dates from 1903, to be properly cleaned and repainted. Work will also be carried out on some of the clappers and crown staples, Hastings mechanisms and rope roller boxes. A new bell wheel will be manufactured and fitted to the eighth bell, and all restored fittings will then be reassembled.


  • Work to properly clean the bell frame and repaint it has been completed. The refitting of the wheels and other fittings is underway.

  • Major maintenance work has been completed on this magnificent 50 cwt Taylor twelve. The bell fittings were removed to allow proper access to clean the bell frame, and this was then thoroughly cleaned and repainted. A new larger bell wheel was manufactured for the eighth bell, and the rope roller boxes, "Hastings" mechanisms, clappers and crown staples were refurbished.