St Thomas' Parish Church

Stockton Heath, Warrington, Cheshire

United Kingdom

A 17cwt ring of ten has been installed at this church. Eight of the bells originally hung at St John the Baptist, Bollington, Cheshire and were removed some years ago and stored at Loughborough. They were a Taylor eight cast in 1880, and had been completely restored and rehung in 1931 by Taylors. Originally rehung in a two tier frame at Bollington, the upper “lowside” framesides were able to be re-used, together with all the 1931 bell fittings after restoration. A new base grillage and “lowside” frame for ten was built, and two new trebles were cast to match, and the “new” ten rehung ina single tier bellframe at Stockton Heath. Sound control was installed to complete the project.