St Andrew's Parish Church

Sutcombe, Devon

United Kingdom

This church houses a Taylor ring of six (tenor 6 cwts) that was installed in 1932. The bells hang in a cast iron and steel two teir bell frame with bells 1, 3, 5 above and 2, 4, 6 below. The base girders of the bell frames have eroded to such a degree that the entire installation needs to be removed from the tower, and the bell frame rebuilt on new galvanised steel grillages. The rebuilt bell frame will be slightly redesigned to give a better rope drop. The bells and all the other fittings will be cleaned (iron fittings by sand blasting) and restored before being returned to the tower. Although not strictly part of the contract, the bell wheels were completely re-soled and re-shrouded.


  • Rehanging in the tower began on 4th December. Bellframe has been installed.

  • The Taylor 6 cwt six, its frame and fittings was removed from this small tower to facilitate a major restoration that was needed as a result of the severe rusting of the base grillage on which the frame stood. The bells were on two levels, 1, 3, & 5 above, 2, 4, & 6 below. The bells and all iron fittings and cast iron frame sides were cleaned by sandblasting, and a new galvanised steel under grillage for each level was manufactured. The design of the bell frame was modified to give a better rope circle. The bell wheels were restored with new soling and shrouding, and all frictional parts were renovated before the bells were rehung.