St Mary Magdelene Parish Church

Taunton, Somerset

United Kingdom

The old ring of twelve, plus three semitone bells have been replaced with a new ring of twelve with a tenor bell weighing 27 cwts. A flat 6th has also been cast and hung for ringing, together with a sharp 5th and sharp 9th, hung for chiming. New bell fittings throughout have been manufactured, and a new bell frame of cast iron and galvanised steel has been sited lower in the tower.

A new, automatic carillon chiming system has been manufactured and installed.

Two new floors have been installed, and sound control will complete this major project. This tower, previously noted for significant movement when the bells rung with significant handling problems, now has a beautiful sounding, easy to ring twelve, in a tower where movement is now very little.


  • Additional to the major contract to install a new ring of twelve bells, the parish requested the old treble bell be retained and hung as a First World War Memorial. Our craftsmen have manufactured a moveable stand from seasoned oak and the bell has been delivered to the church.