Tong, Shropshire.

The Parish Church of St Bartholomew

United Kingdom

This church houses an ancient 12 cwt ring of six that were rehung in a new cast iron and steel bell frame on new fittings by Taylor’s in 1952. It also houses a 46 cwt Bourdon bell, cast and hung by Taylor’s in 1892.

An order has been placed for the manufacture of a new cast iron headstock for the Bourdon Bell, and for its other fittings to be restored before the bell is rehung. The clappers, crown staples and roller boxes of the ringing peal will also be restored and the bells will be lifted from their pits and their bearings will be cleaned/replaced as necessary. New ropes will be supplied to the Ellacombe Chiming system and this will also be restored.

The Great Bell of Tong is to be lowered from the tower and brought back to Loughborough for the fitting of the new headstock before being rehung.


  • The new cast iron headstock mould for the "Great Bell of Tong" is being prepared.
    Work restoring the clappers and crown staples is underway.
    The new cast iron headstock for the Great Bell of Tong has been cast.
    The fettling of the headstock has now been completed, and the bell wheel is at Loughborough for restoration and adapting.
    The Great Bell has been lowered to the floor of the church and will be transported to the Foundry shortly.
    The Great bell has been fitted with its new headstock and is being balanced.
    All is ready for dispatch and rehanging.