Waltham Abbey, Essex.

The Abbey Church of the Holy Cross

United Kingdom

This fine tower houses a 37 cwt ring of twelve which largely date from a major recasting and restoration by Taylor’s in 1914. At that time nine new bells were cast, and all twelve were hung on new fittings in a new single tier cast iron and steel bell frame. Bells 6, 7 & 10 by John Briant of Hertford which dated from 1806 were re-tuned and retained as part of the new ring. In 1962 the 10th bell cracked and was recast by Taylor’s, and recently the 7th bell has similarly cracked.

An order has now been received to recast both the 6th & 7th bells to make a complete Taylor ring of twelve. While this work is being carried out, the existing fittings of these bells will be adapted and re-used, and various other minor works of maintenance will be undertaken.


  • A provisional casting date of 28th November has been allocated for the casting of these bells.

    The two bells to be recast have been removed from the tower and the bells and their fittings are now at Taylor's Foundry. The bells' headstocks have been milled flat on their under sides to provide a perfectly flat seating surface.

    The moulds for the two new bells are being prepared in readiness for casting on Thursday.

    These bells were cast on Thursday 28th November and are now waiting fettling and tuning.