St Andrew's Parish Church

Wanborough, Wiltshire

United Kingdom

This 18 cwt ring of eight was created in 1949 and 1997 when Taylor’s rehung the back six on new fittings in a new cast iron & steel bellframe, and recast four of the six bells. Two new trebles were added in 1997 to complete the octave. Major maintenance work will now be carried out. The two old bells (4th & 6th) will be rehung on new cast iron headstocks of a better design than the pondorous ones available in 1949, and the six largest bells clappers and crown staples will be fully refurbished. The bellframe will be thoroughly cleaned and repainted to complete the project.


  • The 4th & 6th bells, together with the fittings being refurbished, have been removed from the tower and are at Loughborough.

  • Bells and fittings to be removed during July. The frame painting will take place during August and the rehanging during September.