Woodbridge, Suffolk.

The Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin

United Kingdom

The 25 cwt eight at this church is mainly the work of Thomas Osborn and dates from 1799. The entire ring was rehung in a new cast iron and steel bell frame with all new fittings in 1934 – the work being carried out by Gillett & Johnson. In 1953 the 4th & 7th bells, presumably having cracked, were recast by G & J. All the bells are to be lowered into their pits and their fittings are to be removed from the tower and brought back to Loughborough for major restoration work. The bell wheels are to be re-soled and re-shrouded, the rope roller boxes fully restored with new rollers, and the clappers and crown staples will be returned to Loughborough for complete restoration. The bearings will be cleaned/replaced as necessary, and all stays/sliders checked and repaired/replaced. The bell frame is to be cleaned down and repainted to complete the work and the bells rehung.