St Leonard's Parish Church

Wortley, South Yorkshire

United Kingdom

The ring of eight bells at this church, together with its bell frame and fittings, is the work of Warner’s Bellfoundry in London, and dates from 1893. A major restoration has been undertaken, working with local ringers who removed the bells, transported them to Loughborough, and will rehang them in the restored bellframe. At the Foundry their canons and cast in iron crown staples were removed, and new bell pads were cast to provide a seating for the new headstocks. The bells were tuned and new cast iron headstocks, together with gudgeons and bearings were manufactured and fitted. The bell wheels were fully restored, with new soling and shrouding. New rope roller boxes, clappers, crown staples, stays and sliders were supplied, and the bells and their fittings were then collected by local ringers who completed the job by re-hanging the peal under the supervision of our bellhanger.