Restoration Work On The Carillon Tower Begins.

The architects drawing above shows the proposed new visitor entrance once the Foundry Restoration has been completed, with the Carillon Tower that used to be in the garden of Foundry House, as the central focus of the restored site.

After more than a decade of planning work is finally underway to restore our carillon tower and it is now completely scaffolded. The tower was built in 1904 to house the world’s first carillon ever to be harmonically tuned to equal temperament which Taylor’s had developed. Over the years more bells were added until it was complete as a four octave carillon of 47 bells, with a bass bell of 24 cwts. During times of hardship all the bells were sold off or used as bell metal and the tower was allowed to decay.

As part of the major restoration and development scheme which is now beginning a similar sized carillon will be reinstated – but the tower has to be restored first!