Taylor’s After 1859!

We hope to embark on a major restoration of the Bell Foundry soon and this etching shows just how much of the original buildings still survive.

Taylor’s moved to Loughborough in 1839 as a condition of the contract to recast Loughborough Parish Church’s bells – at this stage a lease of some existing buildings in Packhorse Lane near the town centre sufficed, and the foundry traded from there for the next twenty years. Trade flourished and soon these premises proved inadequate, so in 1859 new land in a cherry orchard about half a mile away was purchased and a purpose built bell foundry was built.

All of the buildings shown in the etching survive, with the exception of Bell Foundry House on the right. The large open yard in the centre of the works has been roofed over, and the central bell tower was demolished after a fire – to be replaced in 1899 by the present bell tower on the corner of Cobden Street and Freehold Street,