Taylor’s Lamb & Flag Trademark

On the flag that flies above the Foundry Bell Tower and on all our bells, the emblem of the Lamb and Flag appears. The origin of this Taylor badge dates to the mid 19th century when John Taylor (1797 – 1858) commissioned Bristol Architect, Charles Hansom, to provide the Company with “a tracing of a lamb and a flag symbolical of St John for us to put on our bells.” Hansom obliged, and his illustration was block engraved from the design by Hardman of Manchester and from then appeared on all Taylor bells.

It appears that Taylor wished for a representation of his own Christian name, something of religious significance reflecting his bell casting work for churches, and the long standing symbol of Cornish tin mining, one of the metals used in the bell bronze alloy. The later addition of the wreath of copper laurel leaves which surrounds the badge reflects the wreaths that were awarded to the Olympians when victorious in Ancient Greek times, copper being the other metal in the bronze alloy.