The Great Bell of Tong, Shropshire.

The original Great Bell of Tong was given to the church in 1518 by Sir Henry Vernon. This bell cracked and was recast in 1720 by Abraham Rudhall. The recast bell also cracked and was again recast, this time by Taylor’s in 1892. After recasting and tuning the bell weighs 46 cwts and sounds note C. It was hung on a wooden headstock for full circle ringing as a bourdon bell – four notes below the tenor of the ring of six.

Not often photographed, here is Steve Westerman, one of our most experienced bell hangers with The Great Bell of Tong. The bell is to have a new cast iron headstock and Steve has lowered it to the floor of the church prior to it being transported to Loughborough for the fitting of the new headstock..