The Taylor Foundry Carillon

The carillon tower, which was built in the back garden of Foundry House adjoining the works in 1905, housed the worlds first harmonically tuned carillon to be cast and tuned to equal temperament. a total of 40 bells were cast and hung between 1905 & 1912 – the bass bell at this time was less than 10 cwts. By 1929 further bells were added, and the bass bell increased in weight to 24 cwts. The number of bells was gradually increased until a four chromatic octave instrument was completed in the key of D. When the business fell on hard times in the 1930’s the carillon was dismantled and its bells were either sold or used in the casting of new bells for customers.

It has long been the desire of the present company to reinstate the instrument, and the first stage in that process will begin in the coming months with the renovation of the tower itself. It is proposed that the carillon itself will be the centre piece of the new entrance to the restored buildings once the major restoration scheme has been completed within the next two years.

Photo: An early photograph of the carillon before the largest bells had been installed.