Mary was asked in 2007 by Alan Berry to join our staff primarily to look after the Museum and tour parties, but her role has been very flexible throughout her time at Taylor’s. Over the years she has welcomed numerous visitors to the Foundry and has also been an important part of our clerical staff. With the formation of the Loughborough Bellfoundry Trust and the transfer of the ownership of the Museum to that body, Mary became one of their employees and has been a vital part of the planning for the future once things open up again.

However, a well earned retirement is now a reality, and we were pleased to mark it with a farewell lunch in our Board Room and gifts from both Taylor’s and The Trust. We thank Mary for all her hard work over many years, and look forward to her returning in a voluntary capacity to help out and as a Director of the Museum’s Company.

Photo: (L – R) Michael Wilby, M. D. Taylor’s, Mary Barrass, & Chrissie van Mierlo, Museum M. D.