Britain’s Newest Twelve – Bridgwater

Bridgwater in Somerset now houses Britain’s latest ring of twelve. The grand back eight were fully restored by Taylor’s in 1901, and all of the components supplied at that time were restored and re-used in the “new” ring. Four new treble bells and a flat 6th bell were cast and a thirteen bell frame was designed to accommodate the entire ring on one level. Most of the structure of the 1901 bell frame was re-used in the rebuilt and extended frame.

With the restrictions of the Covid19 shutdown coming into force immediately after the rehanging had been completed no try out was possible. So it was with great anticipation that ringers assembled in mid October to try the bells for the first time. Judging by the reaction locally the whole project is a resounding success with many compliments being received. The try out showed that the twelve are very well balanced inside and the bells go easily. After a period of bedding in our engineers will return to carry out any fine adjustments required.