Almondsbury, Gloucestershire

St Mary's Parish Church

United Kingdom

The PCC of this church have placed an order to remove their 22 cwt ring of eight from the tower for conservation work, tuning and rehanging. New ringing fittings will be manufactured before the bells are rehung in the existing John Sully 1903 bell frame which is constructed of cast iron side frames sitting on a timber under structure. The bell frame is to be tightened, cleaned and repainted.

This project has now been extended to include the provision of sound control and weatherproofing of the louvres.


  • Bells and fittings have been removed to Loughborough. The bells have been cleaned by gentle sandblasting and tuned. New headstocks, clappers, crown staples, running gear and bell wheels have been manufactured. The bells and their fittings are now ready for dispatch. Hanging has been completed.
    Sound control & weatherproofing will complete the project.