Arlecdon, Cumbria.

St Michael's Parish Church

United Kingdom

This church houses a complete Taylor 8 with a 14 cwt tenor bell – all dating from 1904. The entire installation has suffered badly from constant wetting over more than a century, and has to be dismantled and restored. Work to rebuild the cast iron and steel bell frame is being undertaken by local ringers led by Ron East. The PCC of this church has placed an order with Taylor’s for work to refurbish their bell fittings. New bell bolts and bell pads will be supplied, and all the clappers and crown staples will be restored. New sliders, stays & runner boards will be manufactured, and the existing rope roller boxes will be restored. The cast iron headstocks will be returned to Loughborough for the fitting of new gudgeons and bearings. Local ringers will then rehang the bells.


  • The bell fittings have been collected from Cumbria and are being restored.
    The headstocks have been sand blasted and re-painted.
    New gudgeons have been fitted.
    The clappers and crown staples have been restored.
    The new cast iron bearinging housings have been cast.
    All parts have been restored or replaced and await collection by the customer.