Astley, Warwickshire.

The Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin.

United Kingdom

The 8 cwt ring of five in this church was last rehung by Taylor’s in 1912, and most of the fittings are still in good condition. Bells 1 – 4 were cast in 1607 by Robert III, Thomas III & Wm. Newcombe. The tenor bell is the work of Joseph Smith and dates from 1722. The bells form the front five of a six.

The bells will be lowered into their pits and their fittings removed. The head stocks will be refurbished, new gudgeons forge fitted, and bearings will be supplied and cast iron bearing housings manufactured. The clappers, crown staples and rope roller boxes will similarly be restored before the bells are rehung by our engineers.


  • Work on the bells and their fittings began on 20th December 2021.
    Bells lowered into their pits and fittings have been removed.
    Fittings are being restored at Foundry.
    New gudgeon pins have been fitted to the headstocks.
    All is ready for dispatch.
    Rehanging underway.