Australia, Richmond, New South Wales.

St Peter's Anglican Church

United Kingdom

Working with Ron Shepherd as the main contractor a “new” light ring of eight is to be created and hung in this church tower. The new ring will be formed from existing Keltek bells, Taylor stock bells, and a new treble bell to be cast at Loughborough on Thursday 12th March 2020. The bells will all be tuned at Taylor’s who will also manufacture some of the ringing fittings. Ron himself will manufacture the remaining fittings, design and build the new bell frame, and carry out the installation of the new ring in the tower of St Peter’s.


  • The new treble bell was cast on Thursday 12th March with Ron Shepherd present to witness the birth of his latest Taylor bell.
    The fettling of the treble is being undertaken.
    Girdar has all eight bells in the tuning shop and tuning is in progress.
    All is now ready and the bells and fittings have been dispatched to Australia - over to Ron Shepherd.