Bangor on Dee, Wrexham, Clwyd, Wales.

St Dunawd's Parish Church.

United Kingdom

This church houses an 8 cwt ring of six -five cast by Rudhall in 1727 with a Mears & Stainbank tenor bell of 1865. The bells hang in a composite iron and hardwood bell frame made by James Barwell of Birmingham. The bells and their fittings will be removed to Loughborough for conservation and tuning. Mainly new ringing fittings will be manufactured for all six bells, and the bell frame will be strengthened before the bells are rehung.


  • Work in this tower begins on 21st February.
    These bells have been lowered and are the Foundry.
    The cast in crown staples are being removed.
    The bells have been cleaned by gentle sandblasting.
    The new bearings and their housings have been prepared.
    New seating pads have been cast on the bell crowns.
    The bells have now been tuned.
    The new headstocks have been manufactured and gudgeoned.