Berkeley, Gloucestershire

St Mary the Virgin

United Kingdom

This 23 cwt ring of ten is to be removed from the tower and brought back to Loughborough for restoration. The iron and steel bell frame is the work of Thomas Blackbourn (1899) and Mears & Stainbank (1921) and is on two levels. This will also be removed from the tower, and will be rebuilt on a new galvanised steel base, with additions and adaptions, as a single tier bellframe. All of the bell fittings will be overhauled and restored, before the bells are returned to the tower and rehung.


  • Restoration complete. The bells have been test rung, and the first tower practice was held on Wednesday 8th November. All ten bells rang out for the first time in a decade for Remembrance Sunday. The fitting of Ellacombe and clock hammers will complete this project.

  • Work has been completed on a major project to restore this installation. The 23 cwt ring of ten were removed from the tower, together with the two tier bell frame which was the work of Thomas Blackbourne (1899) and Mears & Stainbank (1921). The bell frame castings were cleaned by sandblasting, and together with new cast iron frame side were rebuilt on a new galvanised base grillage to house all the bells on a single level. All the bell fittings were replaced/restored/overhauled before the bells were rehung. The Ellacombe chiming apparatus was also fully refurbished and reinstated in the tower to complete this project.