Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire

St Mary's Parish Church

United Kingdom

An order has been placed for two trebles and a sharp second to be cast to augment this classic Taylor 34 cwt ring of ten, thus creating a ring of twelve with a light ring of eight for teaching purposes. We will be working with Whites of Appleton who are the main contractors for this project.


  • Provisional casting dates for these bells are 15th February & 1st March 2018.

  • As a sub-contractor to Whites of Appleton we have cast and tuned two new trebles and a sharp second to augment this classic 34 cwt Taylor ten. The augmented ring of twelve will have a light ring of eight for training purposes. Cast iron headstocks with gudgeons and bearings have also been manufactured and dispatched to Whites who will manufacture the extension bell frame and the rest of the fittings and hang the bells.