Bridgwater, Somerset

St Mary's Parish Church

United Kingdom

This majestic 25 cwt ring of eight was last tuned and rehung on new fittings in a new cast iron and steel bell frame by Taylor’s in 1899. The church has now placed an order for the entire installation to be removed from the tower and be returned to Loughborough.

The existing cast iron frame sides will be sand blasted clean and eight new iron frame sides will be cast. The extended bell frame will be built on a new galvanised steel grillage laid out as a 13 bell frame (12 bells plus a pit for a flat 6th bell). Four new treble bells will be cast and provided with new ringing fittings. All the existing bell fittings will be completely restored and will be re-used. It is hoped to cast a new 6b bell once fund raising allows. The entire installation will be transported back to Bridgwater and rehung in St Mary’s tower.

The new flat 6th bell has now been ordered.

This contract has been expanded to now include the manufacture and installation of sound control.


  • This project is underway, all four trebles have been cast and are in the fettling area next to the tuning shop.
    Two of the bells have been tuned.
    The existing ring of eight have been removed from the tower and are now at Loughborough.
    The Taylor headstocks from 1899 have been cleaned by sand blasting and have had their old gudgeon pins removed prior to the fitting of new ones. The new headstcoks have been cast and are having their gudgeons fitted.
    The 1899 bellframe has been removed from the tower and the cast iron "H" frames have been sent away for sandblasting.
    The four new treble bells have been cast, fettled and tuned.
    The moulding of the new flat 6th was completed and the bell cast.
    The construction of the new bell frame has now been completed - galvanising of steel components next.
    Zinc plating of all steel components has been completed.
    Work in the tower is now underway - sound control and weather control first before the bell frame is installed.
    The manufacturing of the new bell wheels has been completed.
    All the bells have now been tuned and the bell frame nears completion..
    The headstocks and running gear have been fitted into the new bell frame.
    Hanging is underway.