Burton, Cheshire.

St Nicholas' Parish Church.

United Kingdom

The last major work on this 7 cwt Abraham II Rudhall 1724 ring was carried out by Taylor’s in 1896 when a treble was added to augment the ring to six, and they were all tuned and rehung in a new cast iron and steel “H” frame with new fittings. An order has now been placed to lower all the bells into their pits and to remove their fittings for restoration in Loughborough. The headstocks will be provided with new forge fitted gudgeons, and new ball bearings in cast iron bearing housings will be provided. The bell wheels will be repaired and new soling and shrouding will be fitted. The rope roller boxes, clappers and crown staples will be fully restored, and new ceiling bosses will be fitted in the floors for the bell chamber and clock chamber.


  • The headstocks have been cleaned by sandblasting and new gudgeon pins have been forge welded to them.
    The bell wheels have been stripped of their soling and shrouding and restoration is in progress.
    The clappers and crown staples are being restored.
    All the fittings have been shipped back to Burton and the rehanging nears completion.