Butterleigh, Devon

St Matthew's Parish Church

United Kingdom

Structural work has been commissioned to repair this church tower, and the ring of three (tenor 5 cwts.) needs to be removed while this takes place. The bells hang in an oak bell frame dating from circa 1699 and are classed as unringable at present. Two trap doors will need to be cut through the floors immediately beneath the bells to remove them from the tower. The bells will be brought back to Loughborough for conservation work, and for the manufacture of new hardwood deadstocks and automatic chiming gear. When rehung the bells will be sounded by electro-magnetic hammers controlled from a programmable Apollo Unit.


  • Work started.
    The discovery of bats in this belfry has delayed the start of this project.
    The bells have now been removed and are at Loughborough.

  • The bells have been cleaned by gentle sandblasting.
    Conservation work has been completed.
    New hardwood deadstocks have been manufactured
    Manufacturing is complete.
    All is ready for dispatch and awaits building work in the tower being completed.