Butterton, Staffordshire

St Bartholomew

United Kingdom

The ring of three from this church, with a tenor weighing 8 cwt 3 qrs 10 lbs, was cast by Taylors in 1872 and has been unringable for some time. The bells have been removed from the tower and brought back to the Foundry to enable building work to take place internally at the base of the tower. The church have placed an order for a new bell frame for six bells to be constructed and installed. The existing ring of three will undergo conservation and tuning, and new ringing fittings will be manufactured for them before they are rehung in the new bell frame. The ring of six will be completed using two ex Mirfield bells and a newly cast treble.


  • This project is now active. The new treble has been cast and the other five bells cleaned by sandblasting - tuning is underway. The manufacture of the new bell frame began on Monday 27th November. Proposed installation at Butterton begins in the New Year.

  • The unringable Taylor three dating from 1872 was removed from the tower to allow building work to be undertaken at the base of structure. A new galvanised steel bell frame for six bells was constructed and the 1872 bells were conserved and tuned. Three treble bells were added to complete the six, two ex-Mirfield and a new treble was cast - the gift of the Keltek Trust. New fittings were manufactured and all six bells hung for change ringing.