Buxhall, Suffolk.

St Mary's Parish Church.

United Kingdom

This church houses a 15cwt ring of six which were last restored in 1952 by Gillett & Johnston. The ring dates between 1632 & 1995 when Whitechapel recast the 3rd. The frame and fittings all date from 1952. The whole installation is to be restored, and two new trebles will be cast to augment the ring to eight. An extension bell frame in cast iron and steel will be manufactured to accommodate the new bells and new fittings provided.


  • The moulds for the new trebles are being prepared.
    The moulding of the extension bell frame sides is underway.
    The two new treble bells were cast on 22nd July.
    The bells are being fettled prior to tuning.
    The new cast iron frame sides have been cast.
    The bells have been tuned.
    The extension bell frame is is now complete.