Byford, Herefordshire.

The Parish Church of St John the Baptist.

United Kingdom

The PCC of this church has placed an order for their unringable ring of three (tenor 6 cwts) to be removed from the tower and be brought to Loughborough for conservation. The bells date from 1325, 1671 & 1746, and have not been rung for some time. New hardwood headstocks will be manufactured and fitted to the bells before they are rehung in their oak bell frame. Electro-magnetic hammers will be fitted for automatic chiming, together with a programmable Apollo unit.


  • These bells have been removed from the tower and are at Loughborough.
    Conservation work on the bells is underway.
    Conservation work has been completed and the bells cleaned.
    The new fittings are being manufactured.
    All fittings have been completed.
    Everything is ready for dispatch.