Camberley, Surrey

St Michaels', Yorktown

United Kingdom

This Church has placed an order to remove its 13 cwt Warner 1895 ring of eight and to recast it into a new 11 cwt eight. The bells were last rehung by Taylor’s in 1936 in a two tier cast iron and steel bell frame. This will be removed and will be rebuilt re-using some of the 1936 “H” frames and with some new frame castings. The new bell frame will be constructed on a galvanised steel grillage as a single tier bell frame. All new fittings will be manufactured before the bells are rehung.


  • All eight bells have been cast. Fettling and tuning have been completed and the new bells sound beautiful. The casting of the headstocks and the extra "H" framesides needed for the new bell frame has also been completed and the frame has now been erected. The new headstocks have been manufactured and fitted with gudgeons and bearings, and all headstocks, stays and sliders have been fitted to the bellframe. The completed installation has now been dismantled in the foundry and the steel components have been sent away for hot dip galvanising. All is ready and the bells, frame and fittings have been dispatched.
    Hanging has been completed and the bells tried out.