Chilaw, Sri Lanka.

Sri Munneswaram DevAsthanam Temple, Chilaw.

Sri Lanka

An order has been placed for the casting of a 46″ diameter bell for this temple. The cast bell will weigh towards one ton, and will be supplied with an arched headstock for slow swinging. Other fittings will include a counterbalanced clapper and a galvanised bell wheel. A new galvanised steel bell frame will be designed and constructed and will be exported with the bell.


  • The new cast iron arched headstock has been cast and awaits fettling.
    The bell has been moulded and cast.
    The bell has been mounted on its new headstock.
    Its counterbalanced clappers has been made and tested.
    The bell frame has been completed and galvanised.
    This bell, its framework and fittings are ready for export.