Church Stowe, Northamptonsire.

St Michael's Parish Church

United Kingdom

The 13 cwt ring of four at this tower is to undergo a complete restoration and augmentation. The existing bell frame is to be extended with a new treble pit, and an existing Warner bell will be relocated to Church Stowe to make a ring of five. The existing second bell (third of five) will be retired as it cannot be tuned to match, and will be hung “dead” as a service bell. A new third bell will be cast and tuned to complete the ring. New fittings will be manufactured before the bells are rehung, and these will include a new rope guide to make this ground floor ring easier to ring. New ladders to conform to health and safety requirements will be fitted throughout the tower to complete the job.


  • The new ladders have been manufactured and installed as the first part of this project.
    The bells have been removed from the tower and are at Loughborough.
    The bells have been cleaned by sandblasting and their cast-in crown staples removed.
    The new 3rd bell has been cast and will be fettled and tuned next.
    The new fittings a being manufactured - headstocks cast and gudgeons being fitted..
    The old 2nd bell has been conserved and fitted for chiming as a service bell.
    All is ready for dispatch.